We offer a comprehensive suite of large format printing services that make your visuals larger than life. Whether you need attention-grabbing hoardings, stunning posters, or captivating wall graphics, we have the expertise and technology to bring your ideas to life in grandeur.


Octopus specializes in the remarkable transformation of everyday vehicles, including buses, metro trains, fleets, and even airplanes, into influential brand ambassadors. Our all-encompassing graphic services offer a distinctive and dynamic means to boost your brand’s visibility, seize attention, and create a memorable impact on your audience – whether they’re on the road, at a bus stop, or traveling on public transport.


Octopus Adverts offers an extensive selection of precision and micro-detailing marketing solutions through Stickers and Decals. These solutions are thoughtfully designed to assist businesses in creating captivating and effective marketing materials, including merchandising materials, that capture attention and deliver results.


Octopus Adverts offers Poster marketing solutions that can be printed on a range of media, including paper, vinyl, or fabric, to produce compelling marketing materials. Posters stand as a versatile and powerful method for promoting products, services, or events.


As your ultimate printing partner, Octopus Adverts provides a comprehensive array of printing services, embracing both offset and digital technologies. Our capabilities span a wide spectrum of printing requirements, encompassing brochure and catalog printing, product packaging, leaflet printing, book printing, and beyond. Whether you require cost-effective, high-volume printing or personalized, short-run projects, our expertise and advanced technology are poised to deliver outstanding results that elevate your brand’s presence.